Kid Reefer, the rising 26 year-old Montana artist, was born on February 3rd,1992 in Great Falls, Montana, but moved to Oakland, CA where when he was 4 years old was taken away from his mother and raised in group homes and foster homes. From a young age, Kid Reefer was in the streets involved with gang life, selling drugs and an uncontrollable anger built up inside of him, which would result in fighting.

In order to escape the hardships of life, music became Kid Reefer’s therapy, and with the help of a teacher/mother figure he move beyond violence as she taught him better ways of channeling his anger. Growing up in a ruff environment and be bullied his childhood, Kid Reefer credits listening to 2Pac’s music to giving him hope knowing that anything is possible and situations can be temporary, you just need to find a way out.

It was 2Pac's poems that he really paid attention to. As a kid he read the book about 2Pac’s life and he related to it in so many ways. As he got older he left the hood, ran away from the group home and went back to Great Falls, Montana to meet his real mother. It was during this time where he started to write his own poems. Then was the introduction of freestyle rap, which he embraced and began to thrive in, performing for birthdays and party events. This unlock the true potential of Kid Reefer seen and felt by everyone he performed around. And this is where Kid Reefer the artist was born! He has the passion to push himself beyond the peak of his talents.

Now teamed with Vision & Vitality Entertainment, Kid Reefer is set to release new music during the summer of 2020, and is focused on releasing his Debut album which focuses on his life, love, and relationships.