Georgia Hutton
Eighteen year old, Georgia Hutton, is a new alternative singer. Although she is an alternative singer, she also likes to experiment with other genres like electronic or indie pop. With the mixing of genres, Georgia has come up with her own unique sound. One of her goals is to connect to people through her music. She hopes that one day, people can listen to her songs and find comfort in the lyrics and melodies. Georgia’s main goal is to spread love and positivity, and to be an advocate for all the dreamers in the world.
Georgia grew up in a small town in Kansas. Her musical journey started when her parents put her in piano lessons at the age of seven. Other than taking piano lessons and playing the clarinet in her school band, she never really grew up with music. During her first year of highschool, Georgia was injured and could no longer play most sports, but that’s when she found her passion, Music. After receiving the news that she could no longer be an athlete, she bought her first guitar and started teaching herself how to play it. By the time her last year of high school came around, she had filled two journals with lyrics of songs she had wrote, and had purchased all the things she needed to build a home studio. With that basement studio, she wrote and produced her first single “No Love” all by herself. At that time, dance team was the only sport she could participate in. For her senior dance, she choreographed the dance to part of her song “No Love.” Georgia taught it to the rest of her team and they performed it at a community wide pep-rally.

Georgia is currently working on her first EP, which will be released in Fall of 2018.