Vision & Vitality Ent. is an independent record label and entertainment company based out of Las Vegas, NV focused on releasing music from talented artist across the world. We specialize in deeper, atmospheric yet powerful, driving styles. Vision & Vitality Ent. rejects the mainstream and instead values raw artistic expression. Our services range from event curation, strategic brand partnerships, event production, publicity, artist development & radio promotion – and yes, record label services - of course! Our core mission is providing these services, is to bring the love of music & experiences to a wide range of audiences.

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Finest Music Greatest Hits Album

This 30 track greatest hits album showcases the most popular and loved songs from Finest Music and its artists, recorded and released over a decade long span from 2004 -2015. With exclusive production from Uncle Rob, TrickBo, Sayntt and JD, that solidified the  unique sound and style of the once powerhouse independent label. While the 2004 songs “Boss Bitch” by Sayntt feat. Beezy and “Hit The Block Running” by Sayntt feat. BBlacc became known as the launch point of the label, it wasn’t until the introduction of TrickBo’s versatile style of rap lyrics and soulful vocals that separated Finest Music from the rest of the artist in the region where the South meets West. This greatest hits album opens with the 2005 hit, “Ivory Field’s Finest (Mafia)” showcasing the different personalities and styles of Finest Music artists infused into one fluid sound. The biggest hits of the decade of Finest Music came when Sayntt and TrickBo put their creative minds together such as on songs like “EZ To Bone”, “Go Out Tonight”, and “1000 Roses”. Sayntt’s 2015 song U Know closes this greatest hits album as it represents and symbolizes the end of an epic decade journey of growth, life, love, and The Definition Of Finest.
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  1. Tay Da Crown - 2020 'Til Infinity
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Vision & Vitality Ent. is one of the premier artist-friendly record labels and entertainment companies that focuses on artist development and label services. Our staff with our twelve years in the music business during the most volatile period in the history of recorded music, Vision & Vitality Ent. has a unique perspective on the music industry. Our music production, distobution and content expertise include Hip-Hop, Indie, Pop, R&B, Country and everything in between. Vision & Vitality Ent. helps launch the careers of new artists and nurture the careers of seasoned veterans. As we head forward in a forever changing industry Vision & Vitality Ent. continues to focus on quality music and to work with artists whose work ethic, craftsmanship, talent and sounds are superior.


The business model of Vision & Vitality Ent. is to offer empowering solutions that meet the criteria of the modern artist to become music-entrepreneurs.  In addition to the artist-friendly record label and music services company that focuses on artist development and recorded music, the Vision & Vitality  publishing division, provides music-publishing to its associated bands, artists, and songwriters.

 Vision & Vitality Ent. delivers key publishing business-practices including international royalty administration, sync licensing and streamlined royalty collection. Vision & Vitality Ent.  publishing operates for all styles and genres of music including Rock, Pop, Electronic, Indie and Hip Hop, and is an official accredited member of the Music Publishers Association (MPA) to safeguard and promote the interests of songwriters signed to Vision & Vitality Ent.

 The Vision & Vitality Ent.  mission is to help develop and commercially monetize copyrights and generate synchronization opportunities for its members, while remaining efficient, transparent and ethically responsible.

  1. Digital Distribution
    We distribute to nearly 200 territories around the world and to streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and more.
  2. Playlist Promotion
    We specialize in playlist pitching. Since the major streaming services know our roster is curated, we’re able to get songs on the right playlists more often.
  3. Flexible Deals
    You keep 100% of your rights, lock in and no lock in options. It’s just 20%-40% of your revenue.
  4. A&R + Marketing
    When you combine Vision & Vitality's expert A&R team and our close relationships with key digital partners, your music gets in front of more people, more often.
  5. Artist Developement
    Helping artists grow along their journey to success is one of the most rewarding aspects of Vision & Vitality Entertainment. It starts with a remarkable artist and captivating music.
  6. Anti-Piracy Protection
    Vision & Vitality Ent. submits all releases to the BPI’s Anti-Piracy unit for them to scan illegal download sites for your music and issue takedowns. This service helps minimize piracy while steering fans towards legitimate digital service providers where your music can be purchased and streamed.

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